Tea pot | Haute Couture

Family: Haute Couture
Design: Konstantin Grcic, 2001
Details: porcelain, white glazed
Measurements: 23 x 15 x 12 cm

Product number: 10012578

800 Euro

incl. VAT / plus shipping

Silent perfection

With his HAUTE COUTURE tea set, Konstantin Grcic picks up on a specific detail from the process of porcelain production: All products from Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg that cannot be shaped on the potter's wheel are poured by hand from a liquefied porcelain mass called "slip". The plaster moulds required in this process usually consist of several parts, at the transitions between them, thin seams emerge as they dry. Perceived as unwanted details, these are usually removed by hand after pouring. Konstantin Grcic, on the other hand, celebrates these mold seams and uses them as a decorative element for his discreet tea service. A fine dashed line in the form of a seam encompasses the individual parts as a relief.